The Princes Centre’s newly refurbished building gets rave reviews!

After the high of receiving the Queens Award recently, The Princes Centre received another boost with the opening of It’s newly refurbished ‘Lower’ building, which stands adjacent to the main building.

 The ‘Lower building’ was taken over by the Princes Centre over 7 years ago and although improvements have been made, this was the biggest project to date and has transformed the facility for the

younger clients of the daycare centre. It has not been without its challenges but the building team BEP did a fantastic job in managing to minimise disruption and the response from the clients has been

unconditionally positive; “I can’t believe it!  It’s a dream come true!!!” was my favourite response, others were equally pleased…”I knew it would be nice but this outweighs what I thought it would be,

BRILLIANT!”   “Just amazing,” said another thrilled guest.

The building comprises a computer/education room to help clients to listen, learn and apply those learnings. There will be a photographic group which will use the computer room. The ‘colour’ room will be used by ‘the Jinglers to rehearse and also for Drama and games.

There is also a ‘Holistic room’ where those with anxiety or suffering sleep deprivation (due to mental health issues) can relax and recuperate.

The trustees and staff were very proud of the new facility and thrilled with its architect Paul Morgan; ” Paul has done an excellent job it is a tremendous achievement, a very proud day for the Centre and the community”.

Centre Manager Kim Challinor said; “The results come after years of fundraising and incredible support from the community and amazing dedication from the staff and trustees as a charity to see this project through.

The clients are our most important asset and by providing better, more uplifting facilities for them and seeing their response is very rewarding.”